COVID-19 Safety measures

Important information from the management of Indexmedica Dental Clinic, regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 disease.
According to international and national regulations we have introduced a wide range of measures required to ensure safety and protection of our patients and staff.
Arrival at Krakow airport:
When arriving in Krakow, you can proceed straight to our taxi driver who will be wearing a mask and holding a sheet of paper with your name on it.

Airport transfer:
Not only will our drivers be wearing masks, but we also regularly disinfect our taxis after each ride. In the vehicle patients must wear their masks. Every day at the end of the day the cars are having ozone treatment to kill viruses and bacteria.

Arrival at Metropolis Design Hotel****:
We are happy to inform that Metropolis Design Hotel fully complies with the new pandemic regulations. Details are here:

Arrival at Indexmedica Dental Clinic:
Further to the strict measures we have always taken regarding infection control, we have introduced following changes to ensure your highest protection these days:
  • plexi screens have been installed at reception desk where you sign in as normal
  • our administration staff wear masks and we will provide a mask to all arriving patients and companions if they don't already have some
  • there is a hand sanitiser dispenser for disinfecting your hands when entering and leaving the clinic
  • the current Polish regulations of ca. 2 m distancing between persons is maintained in the clinic by limiting the number of patients in the waiting areas
  • dental appointments are being scheduled in such a way as to reduce as much as possible the amount of time a patient should remain in the clinic before their appointment time.

Treatment at Indexmedica Dental Clinic:
All medical staff will be wearing the required protective clothing and will be following updated protocols to ensure your highest protection.

UV lamps in each dental office are used on a regular basis.

Correct clothing and disinfection of clothing and body surfaces, disinfection of work surfaces and equipment all this must be carried out after each patient and is time-consuming so we are grateful for your kind understanding.

All staff will wear masks to prevent infection during close-up communication.

When entering the clinic:
  • we will check your temperature with a laser thermometer
  • please wear a mask; if you don’t have a mask please report it to reception staff (you will handed out one)
  • please disinfect your hands
  • you will need to fill in a questionaire about covid-19 regarding travel and possible contact with infected persons
  • each treatment will begin and end with a mouth wash of 1% hydrogen peroxide
  • you will be informed that due to the pandemic situation we will be following disinfection protocols and therefore this means increased treatment times and may lead to some increase in cost (20EUR/18 GBP per patient per trip to Krakow)

Air cleaning and circulation:
Indexmedica has always had a state of the art air filtration and circulation system to ensure clean air for its patients and staff to prevent the spread of viruses.