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Stress-free treatment

This is a very special field of dentistry for us. We are aware of the fact, that in case of children, there is a deeply ingrained fear which is caused by traumatic experiences from the past. To change this stereotype, we have created a comprehensive dental care programme for children. To provide our youngest patients with appropriate quality and comfort of the health care, we introduced "first time visits" during which our small patients get used to the dentist's office and meet their personal dentist, who after examining creates an individual programme of caries prophylaxis.

Caries prophylaxis

We offer a full range of prophylactic procedures for children. We teach them how to clean teeth properly but we also offer highly specialistic procedures like e.g. protection of deciduous and permanent teeth grooves with special bio-active materials which take part in remineralization and healing of the damaged tooth tissues. Beside this, we also offer special colourful fillings for milk teeth e.g. in pink with gold glitter.

Special equipment and working methods

We pay special attention to proper equipment of offices that are prepared to treat children - colourful dental chairs and decor. While having the procedure carried out, the child can watch fairy tales and listen to quiet music in the background. Our staff has been specially trained for seeing children - they use appropriate psychological methods how to convince a child to cooperate, assistants and dentists wear colorful medical clothes. Regular contacts between the child and the dentist, as well as short prophylactic appointments, are conducive to a positive attitude towards the visits at the dentist's office.

Painless anesthetization

To secure absolute comfort in treating children, in the right moment and after individual selection of the dose and administration type, the local anesthesia is turned on. Thanks to the Computer Controlled Local Anesthesia Delivery Systems - The WAND and the Atraumatic Technique for local anesthesia total painlessness of the procedure and of the administration of anesthesia is achieved.


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