All-on-4® with Nobel Biocare implants is an outstandingly effective procedure which has already given thousands of patients worldwide a new white smile. A beautiful smile is not only aesthetics, it gives more security and ultimately a better quality of life. This method in a nutshell is a full dental arch (a new set on teeth) on only 4 implants, as easy as that.

Whom is All-on-4® best suited for?

Patients who have not got any teeth left but have got fully healed gums. In practice it means that the latest extraction has been carried out no earlier that 3 months (12 weeks) prior to «all-on-4» procedure. We can also perform extractions, however, it will make an additional stage of treatment, the so-called stage zero. In that case, a CT -scan (necessary to assess the quality and quantity of the bone) will be carried out during the first stage of treatment,i.e. 12 weeks after the performed extractions. In order to start the treatment patients have to meet the following requirements - broad alveolar process – the bone has to be at least 4,5 mm wide - the height of alveolar process is is to be no less than height of implants (over 11 mm) All-on-4® is not suitable for people with diabetes, bruxism, prior incidents of heart attack or or if you are a heavy smoker.

How to proceed?

1. Stage one (duration of stay: 3 - 4 days) – at this stage a detailed assessment will be performed as well as a 3-dimensional CT scan will be carried out along with OPG. During this stage dentures will be prepared as well as plan the insertion of implants in a special software. 2. Stage two to be carried out 2 - 3 weeks after the first stage (duration of stay: 5 working days) – at this stage 4 - 5 - 6 Nobel Biocare implants are inserted and dentures or a long-term temporary acrylic dental bridge (non-removable) will be fitted immediately following the dental implant surgery. The above-mentioned temporary solutions will serve for ca. 6 months, note, however, that those solutions are only applicable in case of achieved primary stability - to be evaluated by the surgeon). After ca. 6 months, the patient together with our dentist will choose whether to keep the existing denture/acrylic bridge and adjust it accordingly, insert a new final denture or make a new metal-porcelain bridge. In cases when primary stability has not been achieved, traditional dental implant surgery procedure will take place, i.e. implants will be inserted and the patient will get a traditional removable temporary full denture. After the healing process has been completed, i.e. after approximately 6 months,, dental impressions will be taken and the treatment will be finalized.