Smíði á tannplöntum

Hefbundnar krónur og brýr

Mismunandi tanngervi og spelkur

Hefbundin og sérsmíðuð rótarstifti


Við bjóðum upp á fjölbreytt úrval af tanngervum, hefbundnum (metall, gull, títan + postulín) sem og sérhönnuðum fyrir fegrunartannlækningar (plastblendi + glertrefjar, hreint hefbundið postulín eða styrkt með sirkon oxíð). Við smíðum allar gerðir af hefbundnum gervitönnum (akrýl, grind, vínýl, spelkur) og sérhönnuðum tanngervum (auka stuðningspunktar - samsettar krónur, boltar).

Digital dentistry with CEREC scanner

Dentistry goes digital with the newest CEREC scanner by Dentsply Sirona. Thanks to this equipment we can offer you extremely precise and comfortable prosthetic treatment (full-ceramic veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays) and all this in extremely short time! Even in 48 hours!
The impressions of your teeth are taken digitally and sent to the dental lab within seconds. For example the e.max full-ceramic crowns can be made within 48 hours!

The most important advantages of CEREC scanner are:

  • very precise treatment, the crowns fit perfectly
  • much more comfortable treatment compared to traditional impressions
  • treatment possible als for patients who do not tolerate traditional impressions (gag reflex)

The choice of colour

Regardless of the choice of a given type of crown or bridge, all our patients have the possibility of an individual characterization of prosthetic restorations, e.g. some patients wish to have much brighter and flawless crowns, compared to their natural teeth, whereas other would like to have some artificial discolourations and cracks, so that crowns look like natural teeth. If our patients have doubts which option to choose, we enable them to visit our dental laboratory, where a high-qualified technician will choose the colour using the laser spectrophotometer (electronical device which measures the shade of adjoining natural teeth, to which the artificial crown will be made). Till extensive prosthetic works will be permanently fixed, the patient can use temporary prosthetic appliances to control the quality and aesthetic.

Functional changes

Beside the reconstructive treatment, our specialists in prosthetics also treat functional changes of temporo-mandibular joints like e.g. aches, clicks, habitual luxuations and bruxism (gnashing of teeth) or habitual clenching of teeth.

Aesthetic prosthetic reconstructions:





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